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 I've been interested in VOs (or radio) since I was a teenager.  Anytime I could get behind a mic to talk like a DJ...I was there!  When I go back and listen to some of the early years it reminds me of the mullets I used to wear...just sad (and very funny).

 Fortunately, life is about growth and perseverance!  I continued to practice and learn.  Now, I am very honored to Voice many business and ministry broadcast commercials and segments.  As well as phone systems, internet radio, TV and audio books!

Current Clients:

  • Ardent Creative
    Voicing a series of TV commercials for a local car dealership.
  • Kenneth Copeland Ministries
    TV, internet and radio spot VOs for this international ministry.
  • Inspire Conference USA
    A national conference business using the internet to build and promote their business..I voice their videos.
  • Red Dog Media
    California production company who's uses my voice for their casino client's TV commercials.
  • Benny Hinn Ministries
    If you call Benny Hinn Ministries you may hear my voice...I am currently the voice of their phone answering system.
  • Larry Huch Ministries
    Larry and Tiz Huch and their National TV broadcast...I do the voiceovers for their TV spots.